The Bristol Spirit Lodge project was founded in 2007, initially as a personal experiment to discover to my satisfaction whether there is any likely truth in the potential reality of continuing consciousness following physical death...or not.  The focus of the project has always been upon the gaining of physical evidence of the survival of consciousness and intellect and it is left to each witness to interpret the evidence received.

Since the founding of this project well over two thousand séances have been hosted, with those of like mind sitting with intent to support the development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship and related phenomena through a number of developing mediums.  Each medium is supported individually within a closed home circle environment. At no time is any fee payable nor received by myself or any participant.  

Over the years a truly amazing plethora of evidential phenomena has become witnessed by myself, regularly attending sitters and visiting guests alike. Nevertheless, at no time do we claim to offer proof of soul survival...although many have become convinced of this truth through their personal receipt of such evidence.


Highly complex percussion rapping is currently being demonstrated through a male medium, who has been sitting for development here in the Lodge since 2011. During many séances complex spiritually affected rapping is heard emanating from within the wooden floor, cabinet frame and furniture. 
Audio links:  Singing in the Rain . Pasodoble . Bolero . Cumberland Gap . Flamenco .
In the Hall of the Mountain King . Elizabethan Serenade and There'll always be an England .

This recording is of sounds emanating from within the wooden frame of the medium's armchair.  the recorder was positioned 3ft away from the chair.
Link: Chair rapping  Recorded December '17   Note: Within this recording, aside from the rapid popping sounds you can also hear the camera shutter as still photos were being taken in an attempt to capture additional phenomena being seen at the time by the witnessing sitters.
The medium, at the time that all of the above recordings were made, was standing in clear view of witnesses (as seen in the video below). In every instance the room has been illuminated for the full duration of the seance, with the cabinet open and the medium in constant view.  As the Lodge methodology is science based, at no time has the medium been given access to the séance room prior to a séance being held.
Link: Video  I have been informed that this video format isn't recognised by some computers, but that the file can still be played if the download button is clicked. 
The first two clips offered below play on most computers.  These were recorded in July 2017 and show the male mediums' armchair (Parker Knoll type) moved from 'fallen' to upright.  The third clip is purely for fun (incidentally the medium has sock-clad feet and no-one in the room was wearing shoes).
Links: Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
In addition to these forms of energetic phenomena, transfiguration is often demonstrated, sometimes with substance build-up seen upon the mediums face.  Similarly, black patches can often be seen upon his arms, potentially demonstrating light exclusion.  These photos were taken well over a year ago and show some of this described phenomena being eye patches and morphing streaks upon face. 
More recently further photos were taken...
Link: Pick of the Pics  Updated December '17
Often such spiritually affected alterations to the mediums appearance are accompanied by demonstrated mannerisms and physical movements that are representative of the presenting spirit visitor which causes them to become familiarly recognised by witnessing sitters. 
Note: There is currently a waiting list for guest seats with this medium.

Another male medium, a founding member of the Lodge circle, currently demonstrates trance channelled communication and transfiguration phenomena.  His spirit team may also offer support to encourage the healing of the physical form. 
Transcribed communication 
Note: There is currently a short waiting list for guest seats with this medium.

A female physical medium currently demonstrates transfiguration phenomena and the development of voice phenomena in a variety of lighting conditions.  Aside from her regular weekly sittings which support this form of development, her spirit team has introduced a new experiment, which will focus upon the development and potential demonstration of psychography.   
Follow this experimentation 
Note:  Her seances are currently closed to guests.

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