A plethora of spiritual phenomena has been demonstrated through a number of developing physical mediums during séances held within the Bristol Spirit Lodge since its founding (as an experiment) more than ten years ago.  Over two thousand séances have, in that time, now been supported here.

The voice phenomena that has been demonstrated through a female deep-trance medium (in both blackout and red lighting conditions) is impressive. These recordings were made in blackout conditions with the development of the external voice box being demonstrated.
Voice 1  Voice 2  Voice 3 

Something a little unusual...demonstrated through this same medium whilst sitting around the living room table. 

Following a summer BBQ a group table tipping experiment was initiated by this medium also. The resulting witnessed phenomena was later described by a new sitter:
July 2016

Percussion rapping is currently being demonstrated in lit conditions through a male medium here in the Lodge. During these demonstrations, complex spiritually affected rapping is heard emanating from within the wooden floor, cabinet frame and furniture. The room is illuminated, with the cabinet open and the medium in constant view for the full duration of the seance. 
Audio  Video 

The first two clips offered here (recorded July 2017) show the male mediums' armchair (Parker Knoll type) moved from 'fallen' to upright.  The third clip is pure fun (incidentally the medium has sock-clad feet).
Video 1  Video 2  Video 3

For me, and for many of those that have shared and supported the developmental progress of the Lodge project through their regular dedicated attendance, or who have visited the Lodge as a guest, there is something very special about evidential physical mediumship and related phenomena.  The reality of continuing consciousness that follows the leaving of our physical bodies is a truth that surely cannot be denied once adequate physical evidence has been witnessed.  But that is my personal opinion, and although it is shared by many, each person can only become convinced through their own experience.  

Chris Di Nucci