The Bristol Spirit Lodge project was founded in February 2007, initially as a personal experiment to discover to my satisfaction whether there is any likely truth in the potential reality of continuing consciousness following physical death...or not.  Since then as a result of receiving (through physical mediumship) overwhelming and convincing evidence that 'life goes on', my passion and desire to support the development and demonstration of this form of mediumship continues. 

Since the founding of the Lodge project well over two thousand séances have been hosted, with those of like mind sitting with intent to support the development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship and associated phenomena through a number of different mediums.  Within the Lodge each medium is supported individually within a closed home circle environment with developmental intent. As self-motivated regular attendance is of paramount importance at no time is any attendance fee requested by myself or any participant.  As we appreciate that others may wish to support the Lodge project through participation we welcome guest enquiries...although unfortunately as we are a small home circle it is not possible to offer guest seats to all.

Current developments within the Lodge:  

This male medium first came along to the Lodge in 2011...soon afterwards sitting for development.  Within many of his current séances, which are held in lit conditions for the duration, complex spiritually effected percussion rapping emanates from within the wooden floor, cabinet frame and furniture.
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Another male medium, a founding member of the Lodge circle, demonstrates trance channelled communication and transfiguration phenomena.  His spirit team may also offer support to encourage the healing of the physical form. 
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A female developing physical medium currently sits with dedication within the Lodge environment.  We offer reports of her initial sittings as we feel this information might assist others who are newly treading a similar path.  Evidential physical phenomena has most recently become demonstrated as development continues.  Her seances are now held in lit conditions.
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A second female physical medium currently demonstrates the development of voice and visual phenomena in a variety of lighting conditions.  Aside from her regular weekly home circle sittings which support this form of development, her spirit team has renewed her link with the Lodge and introduced a new experiment, which will focus upon the development and potential demonstration of psychography.   
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June '18...Past Life Regression...a shared experiment:
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In April '18 an experiment was shared between myself and a regularly supporting sitter:
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Physical Mediumship...Energy:
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Some lighthearted, and some personally heartfelt, thoughts:
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Over the years a truly amazing plethora of evidential physical mediumship and related spiritually effected phenomena has become witnessed within the Lodge environment by myself, regularly attending sitters and invited guests alike. Nevertheless, at no time do we claim to offer proof of soul survival...although many have become convinced of this truth through their personal receipt of undeniable evidence.
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