Since the founding of the Lodge project in 2006 a truly amazing plethora of evidential physical mediumship and related spiritually effected phenomena has become witnessed by regular attendees and guests alike.  Nevertheless, at no time do we claim to offer proof of soul survival...although many have become convinced of this truth through their personal receipt of undeniable evidence.

This male medium first came along to the Lodge as a guest sitter in 2011 and later that year was invited to sit for development within a home circle setting.  Currently within many of his séances complex percussion rapping emanates from within the wooden floor, cabinet frame and furniture. The spiritually effected movement and levitation of objects is also demonstrated, as well as complex visual and audio phenomena. 
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Early in 2019 this lady medium began to sit with intent towards the development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship.  Reports of her initial sittings and continuing development are offered here.  
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This male medium, connected with the Lodge circle since 2006, currently demonstrates trance channelled communication and transfiguration phenomena.  His spirit team may also offer support to encourage the corrective healing of the physical form.  
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In June of 2018 a gentleman came along to the Lodge as a supporting sitter. Since then he has shared several different areas of experimentation.  Towards the end of 2019 experiments with an Ouija board became of interest, with evidential communication becoming received through this means.
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In August 2019 a lady medium began to sit in the Lodge with intent for the development of physical mediumship and related phenomena.
Link: Spirit of the rose

During October 2019 we were pleased to welcome the return of another dedicated medium.  This lady works in both blackout and lit conditions.
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Some lighthearted, and some personally heartfelt, thoughts: 
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How did the Lodge project begin?
The Bristol Spirit Lodge project was founded in October 2006, with the building of the first garden shed séance room.  The first séance was held in that building early in February 2007.   The project initially began as a personal experiment to discover to my satisfaction whether there is any likely truth in the potential reality of continuing consciousness following physical death...or not.  Since then, as a result of receiving (mainly through physical mediumship) overwhelming and convincing evidence that 'life goes on', my desire to support the development and demonstration of evidential mediumship and related physical phenomena has continued...with my passion for the subject growing ever stronger. 

Since the founding of the Lodge project over three thousand séances have been hosted, with those of like mind sitting with intent to support the development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship and associated spiritually effected phenomena through a number of different mediums. 
As the self-motivated regular attendance of the mediums, supporting sitters and guest witnesses is of paramount importance, at no time is any attendance fee requested by myself or any participant.
The Lodge project remains a private venture and is unaffiliated with any religious or spiritual organisation.

Chris Di Nucci 
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Jack Hunter: Manifesting Spirits  An independent academic 'wider' view of the Lodge project.