The Bristol Spirit Lodge project was founded in October 2006, with the building of the first garden shed séance room.  The first séance was held in that building early in February 2007.   The project initially began as a personal experiment to discover to my satisfaction whether there is any likely truth in the potential reality of continuing consciousness following physical death...or not. 
Since then over three thousand seances have been hosted within the Lodge environment and a truly amazing plethora of evidential physical mediumship and related spiritually effected phenomena has become witnessed by myself, supporting attendees and guest sitters alike.  

As the self-motivated regular attendance of the Mediums and supporting sitters is of paramount importance, at no time is any attendance fee requested by myself or any participant.
The Lodge project remains a private venture and is unaffiliated with any religious or spiritual organisation.

Chris Di Nucci   

NOTE: As the severity of the Covid pandemic reduces I remain dedicated to offering a safe place for deep trance and physical mediumship to develop and become demonstrated...however, changes may need to be made to the way we have been working. 
Those feeling genuine interest in participating in 'a new way forward' please get in touch. 

How and why the Lodge project began, detailing the practical founding of the Circle and reports from early seances.

A book recording trance communication received through a developing medium:
Chris Di Nucci & Jack Hunter: Charlie                                                    
An independent academic 'wider' view of the Lodge project: