The Lodge History

Now that you've found this site, perhaps you'd like to learn a little about the Bristol Spirit Lodge project...what it's about and how the circle became founded? 
My first séance experience, which I attended at a public venue, was held on May 24th 2006.  As a result of my witnessing unexplained phenomena at that event, my curiosity knew no bounds.  Therefore on October 6th of the same year I purchased a wooden garden shed, which became the founding of the Bristol Spirit Lodge project.   The project began as a personal experiment and investigation into the potential reality of continuing consciousness after physical death. 

I remember well, sitting on plastic garden chairs within that first wooden garden shed in the December of '06.  I recall the tape recorder that picked up 'evp'...which was later proven to be sourced from the local airfield and ambulance service! 

Since then, looking back, I recall many incredible and breathtaking times, when genuine evidential phenomena has become demonstrated.  In truth I consider every séance unique within itself, with each experience being very special, as I hold no expectation of any particular outcome.  However, in the same way that I was caused to investigate physical mediumship for myself, converting from being a devout skeptic overnight...I am pleased to say that the Lodge project seems to have offered similar life changing experiences to others that have visited, with many having arrived uncertain of what they will find.  Some of these experiences I will describe...

I recall the day that one lady guest sat at the table in the fully lit dining room of my home.  As she was talking, witnesses saw an indentation appear on the front of her jumper. 

This was a physical indentation, as if from a spirit finger as she was poked on her chest!  She felt the touch, which she described as a 'prod'.  She was both surprised and delighted to have experienced this.

Then there was the time that two sitters, apparently strangers to each other, spontaneously experienced full awareness of a detailed past life history together. 

Another fond memory I have is of the time a Swedish gentleman visited the Lodge and upon arrival openly proclaimed his scepticism...only to later witness such evidential phenomena within the séance room that he could only afterwards admit a total change of opinion!

Then there was a lady who, much like the Swedish gentleman, arrived with a doubt filled mind.  Yet, a few months later, because she'd physically seen the face of her 'deceased' father, wrote a book about her experience, and within a year had started her own circle. 
Incidentally, in all, three books have been published by 'ourselves' about the developing Lodge circle.

Another memory I treasure is that of a gentleman relative of mine, a devout sceptic, who experienced healing through a physical medium and now proclaims his belief to all who will listen!

My son and grandson both attended a séance within which they witnessed a dark formation condensing to cover the clearly illuminated face of the demonstrating medium.  The formation afterwards slid across the mediums face, to finally leave it clear, causing these two witnesses to know beyond all doubt that the phenomena could not be effected by any means aside from the 'unexplainable'. 

Such phenomena has been effected and witnessed within the Lodge many times since, within demonstrations offered through several different developing mediums.

It's not just visiting guests that have been caused to experience a reality of which they were previously unaware.  Some have arrived with intent to dedicate as open minded supporting sitters...only later to discover their innate ability to develop as a physical medium, or their desire to start their own group, has become awakened.

For me, and for many of those that have briefly visited the Lodge, or have shared in the developmental progress of the project through regular dedicated attendance, there is something very special about Physical Mediumship and related phenomena.  The honesty of the evidence offered is convincing.  The reality of continuing consciousness that follows the leaving of our physical bodies is a truth that surely cannot be denied once physical evidence has been witnessed.  But that is my personal opinion, and although it is shared by many, each person can only become convinced through their own experience.

So, what of those who are yet to become convinced?  Send me an e-mail. The Lodge diary for 2017 is now open... 

Chris Di Nucci